1000+ Professional Sounds for Deep & Organic Afro House

Here's what's included:

  • 760 Samples (Base Afro Sound Pack)
  • 114 Dry & Wet African Vocals (Premium Sound Pack)
  • 104 MIDI Files (Afro Bonus Extension)
  • 29 Presets for u-he Diva (Afro Bonus Extension)
  • 1007 sounds in total (Full Afro Production Suite)
  • 100% royalty-free sounds
  • 100% Key & BPM Labelled
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Unleash your musical prowess with Afro, a premium sound pack featuring over 1000 meticulously crafted sounds for your Deep & Organic Afro House productions. With Afro, you'll have access to the same high-quality sounds as artists and labels like Keinemusik (Adam Port, &Me, Rampa), Black Coffee, Pablo Fierro, Moojo and Cafe de Anatolia. Infused with the cultural tapestry of Africa, each groove and melodic soundcape encapsulates authenticity and soul, elevating your tracks to professional heights. Let Afro be your catalyst for sonic innovation and excellence - grab it now and compose your musical legacy!

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Quality Grooves

LT_Afro_Groove Kit 17_Full Kit_120 BPM
LT_Afro_Groove Kit 15_Full Kit_120 BPM
LT_Afro_Groove Kit 03_Full Kit_120 BPM
LT_Afro_Groove Kit 05_Full Kit_120 BPM
LT_Afro_Groove Kit 16_Full Kit_120 BPM
LT_Afro_Groove Starter_120 BPM_07
LT_Afro_Groove Starter_120 BPM_12
LT_Afro_Groove Starter_120 BPM_13
LT_Afro_Groove Starter_120 BPM_23
LT_Afro_Percussion Loop_120 BPM_11

Inspiring Melodics

LT_Afro_Chord 05_120 BPM_G#min
LT_Afro_Chord 13_120 BPM_Gmin
LT_Afro_Songstarter_120 BPM_04_Xylowood_Emin
LT_Afro_Songstarter_120 BPM_07_Nile River_Cmin
LT_Afro_Songstarter_120 BPM_12_Dear Love_Amin
LT_Afro_Songstarter_120 BPM_17_Sahara_A#min
LT_Afro_Songstarter_120 BPM_29_Legere_Fmaj
LT_Afro_Tonal Atmos 07_120 BPM_Soul_Amin
LT_Afro_Tonal Atmos 08_120 BPM_Pure Inspiration_Fmin
LT_Afro_Tonal Atmos_25_120BPM_Mbira's Joy_A#maj
LT_Afro_Tonal Atmos_20_120 BPM_Blessed Lands_C#min

Unique Drums

LT_Afro_Drum Fill_120 BPM_02
LT_Afro_Drum Fill_120 BPM_26
LT_Afro_Kick Loop_120 BPM_07_Sharp 808
LT_Afro_Kick Loop_120 BPM_09_Ohyes
LT_Afro_Kick Loop_120 BPM_20_Acoustic
LT_Afro_Non-Tonal Texture_120 BPM_23_Pencils
LT_Afro_Open Hat Loop_120 BPM_03
LT_Afro_Shaker Loose_120 BPM_19
LT_Afro_Shaker Loose_120 BPM_21
LT_Afro_Shaker Tight_120 BPM_32
LT_Afro_Tom Hit_18
LT_Afro_Tom Hit_24
LT_Afro_Tom Loop_24
LT_Afro_Tom Loop_27

Soul-touching African Vocals

Introducing the African Vocals Premium Sound Pack, a collection of 114 captivating vocals that intimately embody the essence and diversity of Africa. With both dry and wet variations of the vocals, this pack offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to seamlessly integrate these soulful voices into your music production.

02_LT_Afro_Vocal_Akaleh (FX)_120 BPM_Amin
02_LT_Afro_Vocal_Ayangsi (FX)_120 BPM_Fmin
02_LT_Afro_Vocal_Yemale (FX)_120 BPM_Amin
06_LT_Afro_Vocal_Lah Bah (FX)_120 BPM_Emaj

Bonus diva presets & midi

The Afro Bonus Extension includes a total of 29 presets for u-he Diva and 104 MIDI files. Every preset, songstarter, bass groove and chord has an according MIDI and WAV file to ensure you have all the resources you need to reverse engineer, get inspired instantly and create your own unique sound.

LT_Afro_Arp 01_Lovely Little_120 BPM_Dmin
LT_Afro_Bass_07_Versatile Pluck Bass_120 BPM_Dmin
LT_Afro_Pad_01_Green's Pad_120 BPM_G#min
LT_Afro_Piano 01_Simple Rhodes_120 BPM_F#min
LT_Afro_Pluck 03_Chordtopia_120 BPM_Emin


What's inside: Afro - Deep Afro House Production Suite

481 Loops

  • 26 Clap Loops
  • 15 Closed Hat Loops
  • 60 Groove Kit Sounds
  • 40 Groove Starters
  • 20 Kick Loops
  • 15 Open Hat Loops
  • 42 Percussion Loops
  • 21 Loose Shaker Loops
  • 32 Tight Shaker Loops
  • 8 Snare Loops
  • 27 Tom Loops
  • 30 Songstarters
  • 25 Bass Grooves
  • 20 Chords
  • 30 Non Tonal Textures
  • 31 Tonal Atmos
  • 5 Diva Synth Arps
  • 9 Diva Synth Bass
  • 3 Diva Synth Leads
  • 5 Diva Synth Pads
  • 2 Diva Synth Pianos
  • 5 Diva Synth Plucks
  • 10 Track Demos

393 One-Shots

  • 22 Claps
  • 20 Closed Hihat
  • 27 Drum Fills
  • 20 Kicks
  • 15 Open Hats
  • 50 Perc High
  • 30 Perc Low
  • 15 Rimshots & Snares
  • 20 Shakers
  • 30 Tom Hits
  • 114 African Vocals (Dry + Wet)
  • 30 Transition FX

29 Diva Presets & 104 MIDI

  • 5 Arpeggios
  • 9 Basses
  • 3 Leads
  • 5 Pads
  • 2 Pianos
  • 5 Plucks
  • 5 Arpeggios MIDI
  • 25 Bass Grooves MIDI
  • 9 Diva Bass MIDI
  • 20 Chords MIDI
  • 3 Leads MIDI
  • 5 Pads MIDI
  • 2 Piano MIDI
  • 5 Plucks MIDI
  • 30 Songstarters MIDI

Afro - Templates Toolkit

Obigibakale - FULL live 11 Template

Templates are a great way to learn from and dissect the elements of your favorite genres and artists. Obigibakale is a Deep & Organic Afro House template for Ableton Live 11.3.10 Suite that not only sounds professional but is also structured and organized in a way for you to be able to effectively learn and recreate this style of music. It's also fully mixed, mastered and arranged using stock plugins only! Along with this template you will get access to every preset, sample and processing chain that was used to create this track.

Afro - Masterclass Edition

3,5+ Hours of video Lessons

As part of the Masterclass Edition of Afro, you are receiving an additional 3,5 + hours of exclusive video learning material. This Masterclass is 100% guaranteed to provide you with valuable knowledge and tricks that will not only enable you to become an expert in the genre of Afro House but also enhance your ability as a music producer. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or an intermediate producer, if you use Ableton Live or not, this Masterclass will help you improve your skills and unlock new insights into sound design, drum & melody composition, mixing, mastering, arranging and much more. In this 3,5 hour Start to Finish Masterclass you'll get to see the full entire process of starting a track from scratch and turning it into a release ready track. The Afro Masterclass Edition not only includes all of the resources you need to get started with Afro House music but It'll also give you the skillset and knowledge required to utilise those resources and get your music finished! The full finished track from this masterclass is the one that you'll hear from the Obigibakale Live 11 template.

Get a preview:

  • 1. Default Tracks
  • 2. Kicks
  • 3. Tight Shakers
  • 4. Hi-Hats
  • 5. Toms
  • 6. Loose Shakers (free preview)
  • 7. Organic Foley & Textures
  • 8. Percussion
  • 9. Quick Rough Mix for Drums
  • 10. Getting Inspired by Loops
  • 11. Claps & Drum Refinement
  • 12. Percussion Fills & Ear Candy
  • 13. Main Rough Mix for Drums (free preview)
  • 14. Melodic Textures
  • 15. Chords
  • 16. Pads
  • 17. Melodic Fillers & Phrases
  • 18. Using Subtractive Arrangement for the Intro
  • 19. Creating Tension and Release
  • 20. Transitions & Fills (free preview)
  • 21. Main Arrangement Part 1: Builds, Breaks & Drops
  • 22. Add Vocals to Improve Arrangement
  • 23. Main Arrangement Part 2: Finalizing the Arrangement
  • 24. Adding a Bass Groove
  • 25. Headroom & Color Mastering FX / Processing
  • 26. Stereo Imaging & Compression
  • 27. Obtaining the Optimal Loudness / LUFS

Our sounds have been used By Artists on

Cafe De Anatolia


Sol Selectas



All Day I Dream


When We Dip XYZ

The Soundgarden


Do Not Sit Recordings

What do the pros say?

My name is Michael Simon. I'm a producer since 1988. My style ranges from Organic House to Afro House with Ethnic and classical influences. I released on various labels like Songuara, Tibetania and Cafe De Anatolia to name a few. The Sample Packs from Zahand & LotusTunes are an immense help to get inspiration and find the right sound without searching hundreds of sample packs. Most of them are too standard anyways. There are not so many useful packs available in this niche genre. I already used many sounds from LotusTunes in my productions. For me the best thing in the Tulum pack are the ethnic flutes....already inspired for another tune...

Michael Simon / Cafe De Anatolia, Songuara, Tibetania

I'm Ertunç Şenbay. I published my music on Cafe de Anatolia's record label. I'm lucky to use LotusTunes sound packs because they broadened my horizons. I found the sounds I was looking for here and I will use them in my other projects. If you are interested in Organic House, Ethnic Music, Deep House, this is exactly what you are looking for.

Ertunç Şenbay / Cafe De Anatolia, M-SOL Records, Kosa Musica
beautiful work, these sounds are unique, highly recommended for organic house
Lisandro / Hoomidaas, The Soundgarden, Do Not Sit, Songuara, Cafe De Anatolia, Supported by Hernán Cattáneo and Above & Beyond

After looking for several sample packs, i finally found one of my favourites: "Daydreamer Sample Pack' is the definition of quality and fair price. it was definitely one of the best additions to my sample library. You can easily find what you need there and the best part is that is well organized by folders. Highly recommended!

Vandelor / Endorsed by Rampa (Keinemusik), All Day I Dream, Souksonik, Ruvenzori

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Afro Production Suite

€89,99  €59,99

  • Includes Afro - Deep Afro House Production Suite
  • Includes African Vocals Expansion
  • Includes Afro Bonus MIDI & Presets Extension
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Afro Templates toolkit

€149,99  €89,99

  • Includes Afro - Deep Afro House Production Suite
  • Includes African Vocals Expansion
  • Includes Afro Bonus MIDI & Presets Extension
  • Includes FULL Obigibakale Live 11 Template
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AFro Masterclass Edition

€249,99  €179,99

  • Includes Afro - Deep Afro House Production Suite
  • Includes African Vocals Expansion
  • Includes Afro Bonus MIDI & Presets Extension
  • Includes FULL Obigibakale Live 11 Template
  • Full 3,5 + Hour Start to Finish Masterclass
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  • Windows or MAC operating system
  • Samples & MIDI work in every DAW
  • You'll need u-he Diva v 1.4.5 or higher to use the diva presets from the bonus extension
  • You'll need Ableton Live Suite 11.3.10 or higher to open the "Obigibakale" project file

Option 1: Afro - Deep Afro House Production Suite:

  • 760 Samples (Base Afro Sound Pack)
  • 114 Dry & Wet African Vocals (Premium Sound Pack)
  • 104 MIDI Files (Afro Bonus Extension)
  • 29 Presets for u-he Diva (Afro Bonus Extension)
  • 1007 sounds in total (Full Afro Production Suite)
  • 100% royalty-free sounds
  • 100% Key & BPM Labelled
  • Diva Presets Installation Guide

Total file size (unzipped): 2.87 GB


Option 2: Afro Templates Toolkit:

  • Everything from the Afro Deep Afro House Production Suite
  • Obigibakale Live 11.3.10 Suite Project File
  • Obigibakale Demo Soundtracks (MP3, WAV)

Total file size (unzipped): 3.28 GB


Option 3: Afro Masterclass Edition:

  • Everything from the Afro Deep Afro House Production Suite
  • Everything from the Afro Templates Toolkit
  • Access to 3,5+ Hours of exclusive video learning material (no download necessary) - video files accessible via our learning platform "academy.lotustunes.com"
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  5. If you're having any trouble, no worries. Feel free to send us an email HERE and we'll help you out ;)
  6. Enjoy learning!

No. The course content is taught in Ableton Live, yet every concept can be applied to any DAW.

You'll have lifetime access to the course! You can log into academy.lotustunes.com and access your course / masterclass there at any time, from any device and learn at your very own pace.

All extensions and products listed on this page are exclusively available with Afro. If for example you've purchased the Afro Production Suite and would later like to upgrade to the Afro Templates Toolkit or Masterclass Edition you can contact us via email.

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Afro was created by yours truly, Zahand! :) Special thanks to Spirit T for the african vocals and Brazil based producer Enderson Tavares (Sone) for the contribution to the sounds in this pack.

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Afro – Deep Afro House Production Suite